Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Building Skills to Create Professionals...

ERA Foundation was founded with the noble vision of incorporating some provisions in the education scenario that would let it reach the students with a better approach.

They are the skills that make an individual being able to deliver the targeted output. It is the thorough know-how of a certain area that transforms an amateur into a professional. ERA understands that and envisions making the Indian populace equipped with skills to become empowered. We endeavour to professionalize education system in order to make it more transparent and reachable to the masses.

Now is the right time to trespass the conventional frontiers and rearrange them while keeping the paradigm shift in mind. ERA aspires to take this message of advancement to the esteemed institutions and universities in India. This initiative is to persuade them to adopt new technologies and meeting the demands of the ever changing world. 

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